Channel Assessment

Channel Assessment

See how to apply a consistent framework to measure channel performance and uncover opportunities for channel growth. Recognize what questions you can ask and what data you can analyze to determine next steps.

  1. Assess channel mission and brand

    A clearly defined mission and consistent branding are key to establishing a channel identity. By aligning the mission and brand, you can be more confident that the channel appeals to its audience by providing a harmonious experience.

  2. Assess audience engagement

    There’s more than one way to engage an audience. By taking stock of engagement strategies, a channel can convert viewers into subscribers. This process starts with understanding the target audience, then analyzing how various content resonates with them.

  3. Assess content strategy

    A strong content strategy will drive both programming and format choices. An analysis of watch time patterns can give you an idea of how your content is being perceived by your audience and may help inform future production or programming strategies.

  4. Assess discovery

    How do videos get found online? By assessing discovery, you can plan how to expand a channel’s reach through descriptive metadata and compelling thumbnails. You also may find an opportunity to improve discovery by using playlists, cards, and end screens.

  5. Plan for a channel assessment

    A channel assessment is a method of analysis that can save you time and help you plan a roadmap for growing a YouTube channel. By using a consistent framework and toolkit, you can identify opportunities and implement actions to optimize channel performance in an easy and repeatable way.