Asset optimization for revenue

Asset optimization for revenue

Discover expert tips for using Content ID. Explore how various claiming scenarios impact monetization, and find out how you can customize policies for more precise control over your content on YouTube.

  1. Monetize assets with multi-party ownership

    Find out how to manage your territorial ownership appropriately to unlock revenue sources.

  2. Customize content policies for your business

    By customizing your policies, you can more precisely control how your content is monetized, tracked, or blocked on YouTube to achieve your business objectives.

  3. Manage multi-claim scenarios

    Determine what happens in scenarios with multiple claims, to see when and where content is monetized.

  4. Campaigns for user-generated content

    Use campaigns to better leverage user re-uploads of your content and drive traffic back to your channel.

  5. Master Content ID: Audits and expert tips

    Find out how audits and expert tips can help you achieve optimal results and avoid problems when using Content ID.