Success stories: Slow Mo Guys

Success stories: Slow Mo Guys

Four years and multiple burns and scars later, Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy -- otherwise known as The Slow Mo Guys -- have grown their channel to over four million subscribers. Mixing science and comedy with powerful high frame-rate cameras, they've shown us everything from airbags to mousetraps in slow motion. Here we outline five key strategies that drove The Slow Mo Guys to their current level of success.

The goals

The approach

The results

  • Be the first channel to deliver high-quality slow-motion footage
  • Build a loyal fanbase
  • Grow views, subscribers, and watch-time
  • Consistently delivered compelling high-speed videos
  • Showed the personalities behind the camera
  • Ensured videos were fully optimized for the platform
  • 13.5M average video views monthly
  • More than 4.3M subscribers
  • 37M minutes average watch-time monthly
Case studies from successful creators

The Slo Mo Guys mix science and comedy with powerful high frame-rate cameras to show us everything in slow motion. How have they built such a huge following with such constraints on their time, whilst living on different continents?